chemical helix wave movie gallery


INTRO This material is based on a study published in:

P. Kettunen, P.D. Bourke, H. Hashimoto, T. Amemiya, S.C. Müller and T. Yamaguchi, "Computational study of helix wave formation in active media," Mathematical and Computer Modelling, volume 41, issue 8/9, 1013-1020, 2005.

These volumetric presentations are created using PovRay density files and colour mapping technique developed by Paul Bourke. More information and examples can be found from his web site.

helix1 Movie clips of rotated volume renders.

[Quicktime 587kB]

[Quicktime 958kB]

[Quicktime 1.3MB]

[Quicktime 1.5MB]

helix3 An example of volume rendering using different colour and opacity mappings.
helix movie Dynamical autonomous formation of chemical helix.

Full animation, 42316 frames, 1692 secs.

Low bitrate [MPEG 39MB]



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