Nonlinear Chemical Dynamics Movies

Special Feature! The complete version, all 20 minutes, of the wonderful movie Never Say Never about the history of the BZ reaction produced by Moscow State Television in 1982 (dubbed in English). I digitized the movie from a VHS tape and then compressed it with QuicktimePro. You will need the latest version of Quicktime player, free from Apple.

small version (43 mb)

medium version (112 mb)

large version (216 mb)


Information on Frontal Polymerization, including movies of 'spin modes'.

Nice movies of homogeneous oscillations in the Belousov-Zhabotinsky reaction and the Briggs-Rauscher reaction.

Clip of the stirred BZ from "Never Say Never"- a show about the History of the BZ reaction from Moscow State Television

Steve Strogatz (Cornell) has made available a video of various chaotic systems and applications.
Nonlinear dynamics and chaos: Lab demonstrations

A movie of synchronized fireflies (14 mb) or the 2 mb version.


Spiral Calcium Waves (James Lechleiter)

Results from Brandeis University


figs. 5 and 7 have short movies (animated gifs) of stacking
and merging target patterns.
(Oliver Steinbock, Florida State University)


Anisotropy and Spiral Organizing Centers in Patterned Excitable Media




Ferroin-catalyzed BZ waves (courtesy of Irv Epstein)


Spatiotemporal Pattern Formation in Electrochemistry
Movies from Katharina Krischer's group (TU Munich)

Turing patterns in inhomogeneous media &
Propagating fronts (Ray Kapral, University of Toronto)

The link is for a propagating Cr(OH)3 precipitate ring in 2D, in a
PVA/GDA gel medium. The ring propagates by precipitation of Cr(OH)3 from
NaOH diffusing (from the central tube) into a Cr3+ gel solution, and
re-dissolution of Cr(OH)3 in excess OH- (Rabih Sultan)


"Spatio-Temporal Stochastic Resonance in Excitable Media",
Peter Jung and Gottfried Mayer-Kress, Physical Review Letters,
74(11), 2130-2133, 13 March 1995


A Gallery of Helix Formation in Chemical Waves ( based on: P. Kettunen, P.D. Bourke, H. Hashimoto, T. Amemiya, S.C. Müller and T. Yamaguchi, "Computational study of helix wave formation in active media," Mathematical and Computer Modelling, volume 41, issue 8/9, 1013-1020, 2005.)


Spontaneous spiral formation in two-dimensional oscillatory media (contributed by P. Kettunen).


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